Easy Video Player – Improve Your Video Marketing

Lets take a look at a very popular tool used by internet marketers to incorporate video into their efforts. That tool is the Easy Video Player. If you’ve been paying attention even just a little to what’s hot in the internet marketing world you know the topic of video comes right to the top of the list.This a natural evolution in the internet marketing arena. Prior to video the primary platform used was the good old written word. When YouTube hit the scene it wasn’t long until someone got the smart idea that video could either replace the written word or supplement it. And studies have shown that video marketing is indeed a very viable marketing tool.Don’t be like most people and just run the other way when video is mentioned. Most believe that video creation is way out of reach for them, the main reason being camera-shy. A great way to get around that is to create a Power Point or equivalent presentation and put voice to it. That is a common strategy used a lot by internet marketers.Another problem people face is they just don’t know how to effectively use video for their marketing. That’s where Easy Video Player steps in, the instruction is comprehensive enough to answer just about any of your questions. It’s also packed full of features.Easy Video Player can be used to create and distribute your videos. It fully integrates with Amazon S3 or your own hosting for faster uploads. It has the ability to analyze your videos to see what’s working and what’s not. You can also incorporate split testing as well. Meaning you could alternate two different videos to see which one is converting better. You can also create complete marketing pages with this that includes commenting and social sharing. There is a good variety of overlays and you can add buttons and opt-in forms right in the video.Josh Bartlett is the main man behind Easy Video Player and backs this product up with a full 60 day no questions asked guarantee. You don’t like it for what ever reason and you simply ask for the refund. Another big plus in my book is there is a one time cost for this internet marketing tool.If you haven’t started to use video yet or you’re just confused how to incorporate video into your sales process you may want to take a look at Easy Video Player.

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